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The Land Rover World Series in Australia witnessed Haiti Polo Team face Australia (Adelaide) for the championship title yesterday 15 December 2017 (local time).

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"This role enables Claude-Alix to play polo, while promoting a positive image of his country, which he considers more than a dream come true." -
The Polo Project

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L’équipe haïtienne de Polo est une fois de plus dans la course pour une victoire. Le samedi 9 décembre à Perth, en Australie, Haiti Polo Team, a affronté le Perth National Polo Team en demi-finale du Mondial. 

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We left our stilletos and fascinators at home, instead dressing in flowy robes with wide-brimmed hats and we headed to Centennial Park for the showdown between Haiti Polo Team and Australia.



Haiti Polo Team travels the world using polo as a platform for diplomatic engagement, promoting bilateral relations and pursuing a humanitarian agenda. 

Sidelines Magazine


“The scars on our bodies heal much faster than the scars in our memory. I’ve broken my nose, my fingers, pelvis and my wrists, but the biggest injury was when I broke my right leg. That leg now has seven pins and a couple screws in it."

Event Adelaide


"We have heard a great deal about Urban Polo across the international polo community and, in particular, the Land Rover Polo in the City series," Haiti Polo Team Captain Bertrand told Event Adelaide.

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 Led by Team Captain Claude-Alix Bertrand, Haiti Polo Team has been in Australia for more than a month, playing polo in five cities over the course of five weeks for the World Series Polo. 

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Haiti Polo Team joins the competition, which Team Captain Bertrand calls "Very visionary and controversial; (it's) really changed the game. This is the future of (polo)."

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"Representing Haiti in the World Series Polo is a great honor, and qualifying for the semi-finals today is extremely exciting," said Claude-Alix Bertrand.

Project St. Anne + Haiti Polo Team


L'equipe haitienne de Polo organise une vente aux encheres au benefice du project St. Anne, une organisation basee a Camp-Perrin, en Haiti, qui soutient les familles demunies.

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Haiti Polo Team Captain Claude-Alix Bertrand trains at Functional Muscle Fitness, putting in the necessary time between polo tournaments.

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San Francisco Magazine paired with Audi Sports Car Experience to spotlight five Bay Area leaders who are "accelerating change" in their world. 

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Haitian Ambassador UNESCO is on the cover of "Sidelines Magazine" Hot Horsemen December issue, representing Haiti Polo Team and Haiti's tourism and athletic development interests.

Polo Dixit


Match after match, Haiti Polo Team got closer to the championship, led by Captain Claude-Alix Bertrand, the team trotted to the trophy.

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Audi Sportscar Experience recently partnered with San Francisco Magazine to spotlight five Bay Area leaders who are "accelerating change" in their worlds.



L'equipe haitienne de polo a remporte son premier trophee au "POLOSF Inc. and Audi Sportscar Experience Polo Tournament" a San Francisco. En entrevue avec Carel Pedre, le capitaine de l'equipe nous parle de cette aventure et les projets en Haiti.

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Haiti est devenu ainsi les champions de la premiere edition POLOSF, Inc. et Audi Sportscar Experience Tournoi International de Polo a San Francisco ce dimanche. 

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Haiti Polo Team, the only club in the world representing Haiti, was founded by Claude-Alix Bertrand to not only compete in international tournaments, but to promote his home country of Haiti.



Last weekend, the San Francisco Bay Area formed the backdrop to the Audi Sportscar Experience San Francisco International Polo Classic 2014, presented by PoloSF. Haiti Polo Team defeated Team USA for their first title.

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Associe au Ministere de La Jeunesse, des Sports et de l'Action Civique, le Ministere du Tourisme et des Industries Creatives, toujours sans loi organique, a, en perspective, d'implanter, un terrain de polo et un autre de golf dans la commune de Cotes-de-Fer.

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Unexpected: Polo in Haiti. Haitians aren't just playing polo; they're winning hardware while they're at it, too. 

Press Democrat: Polo in Petaluma


Picnic baskets, sun hats and sunscreen make for a day of horses, polo and fast cars Sunday at the Cerro Pampa Polo Club southwest of Petaluma.

Haitian Internet


Breaking news... Haiti has a polo team -- and they are really good. Good enough to beat Team USA 6-2 and bring home the first polo trophy in an international tournament.

Huffington Post


Haiti now boasts the internationally-recognized, championship-winning polo team, along with the construction of a five-star, full-service polo resort, school and spa in Cote-de-Fer, on Haiti’s southeastern coast. 

Polo Dixit


En Pilar, Argentina el equipo de polo de Haiti partido tas partido fue desandando el camino hacia la victoria final de la mano del Capitan Claude-Alix Bertrand y con un gran funcionamiento colectivo de todo el equipo.



Haiti Polo Team Captain named Goodwill Ambassador to Haiti (pictured with Minister of Tourism and Creative Industries Stephanie Balmir Villedrouin).

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Captain and founder of the undefeated Haiti Polo Team will grace the cover of the December "Sidelines Magazine" issue "Hot Horsemen." Janet Westmark, editor-in-chief of "Sidelines" says "We are thrilled to feature Claude-Alix Bertrand who makes for a festive cover for our 'Hot Horsemen' issue."

The Haitian Times


Haiti’s Polo Team Captain Claude-Alix Bertrand was named Goodwill Ambassador to Haiti on Sept. 5 at a special ceremony held in Haiti’s national palace, recognizing his achievement as a polo player and his commitment to empower Haiti.

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Haiti Polo Team defeated Team USA by a score of 6-2, previously having defeated Panama, China and Argentina for the world championship title. Now team captain Claude-Alix Bertrand will be named Ambassador UNESCO for Haiti.

Live on CBS' KBCW


Prior to winning the Internationals, Team Captain Claude-Alix Bertrand appeared on CBS' KBCW to talk about Haiti and polo -- and the connection between the two.

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Haiti Polo Team won their another trophy at last week's PoloSF Inc. and Audi Sports Car Experience Tournament. They defeated the U.S. team 6-2.

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With a historical win - the first win for the a polo team from Haiti - Haiti Polo Team is now placed in the rankings of the world's polo associations.

The Haitian Times


Haiti Polo Team won its third international tournament on Oct. 12 at the South American International Polo Championship in Cordoba, Argentina. 

Radio Vision 2000


Haiti Polo Team a remporte son 3e Tournoi International de Polo ce fut une victoire historique pour l'equipe, car c'etait la premiere fois qu'Haiti participait au tournoi le plus important du Centre de l'Argentine.

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Haiti now boasts the internationally recognized, championship-winning Haiti Polo Team, along with the construction of a five-star, full-service polo resort, school and spa planned for Cotes-de-Fer.

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A major polo tournament was held in Petaluma, which saw Haiti Polo Team win its first major trophy -- a historical win for the team representing Haiti.

Burning Man: Art on Fire


Sidney Erthal, co-photographer of Burning Man Art on Fire, traveled to Haiti with Claude-Alix Bertrand's official deleation to meet with President Michel Joseph Martelly.

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Le Polo se releve plus que jamias un sport a conquerir en Haiti dans le but d'assurer la revele du tres doue Capitaine Claude-Alix Bertrand, par l'entremise duquel, le bicolore haitien n'a cesse de flotter en 2014 dans les plus prestigieuses tribunes de ce fascinant sport de l'homme a cheval.